About Us

Advanced Animal Dentistry (AAD) was established in 2006.

Prior to this time, in Brisbane, Veterinary Dental services had been provided to the local pets by Dr Gary Wilson. Dr Aaron Forsayeth had been mentored by Dr Wilson for a number of years, and together at the end of 2005 planned to work together, and AAD was born. From a small start working mostly from the University of Queensland Veterinary Teaching Hospital in St Lucia, we expanded and developed consulting services out of the major referral hospitals in South East Queensland.

Demand for services saw AAD grow in 2015 with Dr Bec Tucker joining the team, and expansion to more locations. Dr Tucker came on board as a resident under the guidance of Dr Wilson as one of her Supervisors.

In 2018 Dr Gary Wilson retired having left his permanent mark on the profession, pioneering Veterinary Dentistry in Australia.

Further development in 2019 occurred with Brylliana Gibson coming on board to streamline the administrative and large amount of communications that AAD takes part in.

Dr Bec Tucker was successful in 2023, completing her examinations and becoming a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College.

For all of us here at Advanced Animal Dentistry, the health and comfort of our patient’s mouths is paramount. We all have a love and passion for what we are able to do each day with the many wonderful pets and people we get to meet.

I am so proud of what we do here at Advanced Animal Dentistry.

I love that we provide high level care to the animals we are privileged to work with on a daily basis.

Every day is a great day with our team!

Aaron Forsayeth

Veterinary Dentist - Director

Advanced Animal Dentistry having a social visit with some of our favourite patients.
Tigers can be rough on their teeth. Here a tiger is having a root canal treatment with Dr Bec Tucker.

Dr Bec Tucker

BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery)
Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College™


I graduated from the University of Sydney with a BVSc (Hons) in 2007 and was awarded membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (MANZCVS) in Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery in 2012.

In 2017, I took on the role of President of the Dentistry Chapter for the ANZCVS. I have also been an examiner on numerous occasions for veterinarians undertaking examination to obtain membership of the ANZCVS in small animal dentistry. I have also organised the scientific program for the dentistry chapter of the ANZCVS annual conference over several years.

I completed a residency in Veterinary Dentistry in 2018 prior to becoming a Director of Advanced Animal Dentistry.

In June 2023 after interuptions from COVID, I was successful in my examinations and have become a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College.

Although I enjoy all aspects of dentistry and oral surgery, I find reconstructive procedures such as jaw fracture and trauma repair to be very rewarding.

I have a cheeky Whippet, Maple, who has a coat collection that is far too large for any dog living in Queensland and loves nothing more than a nap on one of her numerous comfy beds. You can check Maple out wearing her PJs in our instructional video on how to brush your dog’s teeth.

Dr Aaron Forsayeth

BVSc (Hons) MACVSc (Veterinary Dentistry)


I started my veterinary career in mixed practice at the Roma Veterinary Clinic in 1997. Here I was exposed to a wide range of things, not least of which dental procedures. Having received minimal formal training in any dentistry whilst at university, these initial experiences with dentistry were daunting.

I moved onto the Mudgeeraba Animal Hospital in 1997, where my work revolved mostly around small animals. Dentistry was a part of this practice, however over the ensuing years it became a much larger part, and my interest in it grew.

In 2000 I started exploring more training in small animal dentistry and began working with Dr Gary Wilson. After obtaining my membership in Veterinary Dentistry in 2004 from the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, dentistry became a much bigger focus of my career. In 2006 I formally joined Dr Wilson, and have since then exclusively worked in dental referral practice as Advanced Animal Dentistry. In 2018 Dr Wilson retired and I am now partnered with another wonderful Veterinarian, Dr Rebecca Tucker.

I have been active in the Australian Veterinary Dental Society for many years now acting in many roles. I was the Policy Councillor representing that group with the Australian Veterinary Association from 2013-2022, responsible for deciding policy that guides Australian Veterinarians.

Veterinary Dentistry is my career focus. I love the feeling of accomplishment when a patient who I’ve met in the morning with something uncomfortable and painful can go home that day feeling back to normal, and sometimes even better than normal!

With my lovely wife I have 2 young daughters who have become a very important part of my life, nearly more so than dentistry and my three cats, Franklin, Polly and Rudi.

Bryll with a Dolphin

Brylliana Gibson

Client Liaison

I began working with animals as a volunteer at a cat welfare shelter in Melbourne at the age of 15 and was then employed there as an animal attendant and grew into the role of their veterinary nurse by the age of 18.

Then moved to work in a general practice in Melbourne that had a focus on greyhounds and reproduction and I completed my Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing in 2011.

After a month of volunteering with raising cheetah cubs in South Africa in 2012, I moved back to working in the cat welfare shelter as well as at an emergency centre before moving to Queensland in 2013.

I began working as a nurse at Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre (BVSC) from September 2013 and my role included nursing for Advanced Animal Dentistry when they visited one day a week. From here my love of Animal Dentistry grew and I knew it was a career path I wanted to pursue. 

I moved into the role of Primary Radiation Therapy nurse for 2 years before having my beautiful son in 2017. When I returned to nursing at BVSC, I recommenced nursing for Advanced Animal Dentistry as well as rotating through other departments. At this stage I also began working in emergency which is another passion of mine.

In 2019 my career dreams came true when I was asked to come on board with Advanced Animal Dentistry. I am excited for what the future holds in this role and enjoy the challenge of this ever-growing position. 

I feel so grateful to work with Bec and Aaron, both are wonderful people and I am lucky to call my friends. Their dedication to the care of all creatures is inspiring and have always trusted my own dogs with everything dental related including two soft palate surgeries and extractions on my Boston Terrier and extractions on my Shepherd X.

I still continue to work in emergency to keep up with my nursing skills and outside of work I love spending time with my little tack and my three dogs. My passion for animal conservation is a large reason why I began working with animals and hope to do more volunteering with conservation organisations in the future.