Advanced Animal Dentistry


Our pricing reflects the cost structures in place at the facilities we work at. There may be individual item price differences between the facilities, but overall the prices are equivalent.

Our consultation cost is $210. All of our patients require a consultation prior to being admitted for any treatment. It is vitally important that time be taken to discuss thoroughly what is going on and what can be done.

Treatments for our patients are not an add-on. We are a referral practice that performs Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery.


Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is variable and dependant on the size and complexity of the tooth being treated.

  •  Canine tooth:
    From $3000*
  • Carnassial tooth – dog:
    From $3600*

Scale & Polish

These teeth have just recently been professionally cleaned

As much as there is no “standard” scale and polish, with all patients being a bit different, the average cost of a dental prophylaxis is:

Approximately $1800*

Height Reduction

Height reduction is performed to make the canine teeth less traumatic.

Bilateral height reductions (or unilateral) are an endodontic procedure frequently used to treat base narrow canines. Whether uni- or bilateral the cost is:

Approximately $2500*

Full Mouth Extractions

This can has had the teeth behind its canines removed due to an immune disease.

Full or partial mouth extractions are required for some oral inflammatory diseases. Chronic gingivostomatitis is the major issue that requires this.

Price can be from $4000-5000* for this fastidious treatment.

Inclined Plane

An inclined plane is an Orthodontic device used to move mandibular canines into a less traumatic position.

Inclined planes are an Orthodontic device that can be used to treat base narrow canines. The initial creation and application of an appropriate inclined plane is:


Deciduous Canines

Removal of deciduous canines is required in some animals.

For our very young patients, orthodontic problems sometimes require extraction of the deciduous canines:

Approximately $1800-1900*

*All pricing is subject to change at the discretion of Advanced Animal Dentistry.

These pricings are a guide only and include the cost of consultation, dental radiographs as indicated, treatment and medications. Pre-anaesthetic investigations including blood tests are additional.

Where possible, if you would like your pet to have pre-anaesthetic blood screening please have these tests performed prior to referral with your referring Veterinarian. This allows any abnormalities to be further investigated if required, and treatment instigated by your referring Veterinarian prior to referral.

Anaesthesia consultants:

On request we can utilise the services of Veterinary Anaesthetists, Dr Sarah Bigby and Dr Brenda Dixon. Their skills and knowledge enable us to provide treatment to patients with more complex anaesthetic requirements who would otherwise miss out on vital dental care. The cost for this service starts from an additional $660.

It is VERY valuable to have had a thorough diagnostic work-up and/or re-assessment just prior to the anaesthetic. This allows us to work with the most up to date information, reducing risk as much as possible for these procedures.

It is vitally important that all patients are examined by a Veterinarian at Advanced Animal Dentistry before a tailored estimate is given for your pet.


Differences in pricing can come through variances of disease and pathology that is individual to your pet, as well as including variations to provide care to your pet when they are affected by other problems.