Advanced Animal Dentistry

Covid Response

Strange times…

Our business has been serving Brisbane and the Gold Coast for nearly 14 years. To do this we have had a consistent rotation of Hospitals we visit, giving access to clients from many different areas in South East Queensland. However due to travel restrictions and in an attempt to reduce the number of people we interact with we have reduced the number of Hospitals we work out of down to two – Veterinary Specialist Services at Jindalee and Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre at Albany Creek. We appreciate that this will impact ease of access for some of you, however moving around multiple Hospitals was not viable.

To allow us to work at the two Hospitals, we have also chnaged staffing. Where we would generally work together as a full team, we have the Dentists Dr Bec and Dr Aaron now working separately – Dr Bec is working out of VSS Jindalee, and Dr Aaron is working out of BVSC.

To make sure we are able to dedicate the time that each patient deserves we have restructured our scheduling also. This means that we will be available more frequently at each Hospital for your Veterinary Dental needs. To make an appointment please contact us directly on 1300 866 848.

What differences are there?

Our interaction with you has changed. There are currently modifications to the way that we will conduct our consultations, and the way you will communicate with staff.

Calling a medical phone

To limit contact between people we are conducting telehealth consults. This means that unfortunately we will not be sitting down together face-to-face and going through the case.
We will be doing all of our discussion over the phone.
(Make sure your battery is charged!)

It is important to us that everybody’s health is considered, at all times. If you are ill or if you have been in contact with someone who has been ill, please let us know. This is reciprocal – be assured that you will not come into contact with any staff who are ill or have been in contact with someone who is ill.

A virus
Hand sanitiser

Hygiene is super important (at all times!).

Within the Hospitals we have increased the frequency and thoroughness of our handwashing, and ask that you too could be mindful of this when handling your pets prior to their admittance.

When we see you at drop off and pick up, we will only have one staff member come to collect or deliver your pet. 

It is our responsibility to be following the current social distancing guidelines where we are able.

Social distancing
Wearing a mask

Because we are being careful with our interactions with you (and protecting you from your interactions with us) we will be utilising Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when we do need to be near you.

Generally this will be a mask and gloves – believe us, there is a person behind all of that stuff!

However one thing that has not changed…

Our commitment to offer the best Veterinary Dental Service we can for you and your pets.

Dog loving the Veterinarian that helped them