Extractions - Home Care

Your pet has had extractions performed today and some simple after care is required.  Due to the nature of the extractions there may or may not be sutures in the gums.  If there are, these will be dissolving sutures so the after care will be the same as if there were no sutures.


For the next few days, the extraction site needs to be protected from contamination.  This will require some alteration to your pet’s diet.  The only food to be given is small chunks of meat (chicken, beef or whatever meat you want) about 5mm in size (about half a little fingernail size).  Mince is too small and biscuits will break up on chewing.  We are trying to avoid food packing into the empty socket (or sticking to the sutures).  These chunks of meat need to be fed for the next 3 to 5 days as the only source of food.


Your pet has also been given regional nerve blocks for pain relief.  This is very effective and other types of pain relief are usually not required.

If you feel that something is not quite right, please contact us immediately.


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