Advanced Animal Dentistry is the Veterinary Dental Referral practice based in Brisbane, Australia. We provide Veterinary Dental consultancy to a number of large referral centres in Brisbane on a rotational basis. If your pet or patient requires advice or treatment in relation to a Veterinary Dental issue or Oral Surgery problem, Advanced Animal Dentistry can provide the answer.


Formed in 2006 with the partnership of Dr Gary Wilson and Dr Aaron Forsayeth, Advanced Animal Dentistry is the largest referral Veterinary Dentistry business in Australasia. Advanced Animal Dentistry continues to grow, providing services to all areas of Brisbane and other parts of Queensland, Australia and Internationally.


In 2015 we took on our first Resident, Dr Rebecca Tucker. Bec has quickly become an important part of Advanced Animal Dentistry, bringing with her excellent clinical skills, fitting right in with Gary and Aaron. With an expanded team, Advanced Animal Dentistry hope to be able to offer a more extensive range of Veterinary Dental options for animals here in Brisbane and throughout Australasia.


All members of Advanced Animal Dentistry are active members of the Australian Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS).


Veterinary Dentistry is defined as dentistry of animals other than humans.  It is the branch of professional veterinary practice that involves the consultation, evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and prognosis of conditions, diseases, and disorders of the oral cavity and maxillofacial area, and their adjacent and associated structures, as well as the evaluation of the contribution of systemic conditions to oral health and the contribution of oral conditions to the overall health of the individual patient.

Veterinary Dentistry includes the dental disciplines of

    1. Endodontics - Root canals, Vital pulpotomy
    2. Orthodontics - Moving inappropriately positioned teeth
    3. Oral Medicine - treatment for diseases of the mouth
    4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - tumour surgery, reconstrunction surgery, soft palate surgery
    5. Paedodontics - dental treatments for younger patients
    6. Periodontics - advanced techniques for saving teeth affected by Periodtonal disease
    7. Prosthodontics - crowning of damaged or likely to be damaged teeth
    8. Restorative (Operative) Dentistry - management of the diseases of the teeth

The practice of Veterinary Dentistry performed on Equids (genus equus).

Advanced Animal Dentistry is commited to advancing Veterinary Dentistry knowledge into all areas they frequent. This includes the teaching of both under and post graduate students throughout Southeast Queensland, Australia and Internationally.


As part of this commitment we are always pleased to provide information to those that seek it, and would ask that if you are seeking out anything specific to contact us with your requests.


Here are some articles we have recently provided for further education:

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Gary Wilson
Dr Gary Wilson
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Aaron Forsayeth
Dr Aaron Forsayeth
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Dr Rebecca Tucker

Dr Rebecca Tucker
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